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Libya official: We will not object to Russian intervention

General Khalifa Haftar (L) and Foreign Minister of Russia, Sergei Lavrov [File photo]

Adel Karmous, a member of the High Council of State, has said that if the issue of Russian intervention in Libyan affairs is posed, it will not be opposed provided it aims at urging the various parties to agree to end the transitional period.

He went on to tell Sputnik news agency, that Libya is considered as “free for all” by all parties, and that external interventions do not require the prior consent of the Libyan interior, and political agreements that take place abroad are not applied at home as a result of the non-commitment of one of the parties.

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Karmous stressed the need to end the current crisis in the country and hold presidential elections on the date agreed upon by the Libyan parties in the Paris Agreement.

General Khalifa Haftar said Saturday, August 11, that there was no need for any countries to intervene in Libya in response to a recent call of his official spokesman to Russia’s intervention in the Libyan crisis, stressing that his forces control most of the country.

When asked about a recent call made by his official spokesman, Ahmad Al-Mesmari, for Russia to intervene in order to save the situation in Libya, Haftar said in an interview with the electronic Libyan newspaper The Libya Observer: “We do not actually need any military intervention from any country. We are relying on our army units, and we trust our Libyan military capabilities in defending the state’s territory.

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