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Fatah: We will reject any truce in Gaza agreed without us

Member of PLO's Executive Committee and Fatah's Central Council Azzam Al-Ahmad said yesterday that his movement will reject any truce in Gaza if it was not part of the negotiations, Shehab reported.

Speaking to the BBC, Al-Ahmad said that the PLO and Fatah's conditions to accept any truce is accepting a PLO delegation chosen and dispatched by the body, Fatah and Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas.

Al-Ahmad added that the truce agreement, which is being discussed in Cairo, is brokered by Qatar and the United Nations.

Delegations for the Palestinian factions which are active in Gaza are currently discussing a reconciliation agreement based on the 2014 understandings in parallel with a truce with the Israeli occupation.

Fatah has insisted it head the delegation however the other factions refused this proposal.

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