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Brotherhood leader 'attacked' to push for break in deadlock

A letter smuggled out of prison claims that an Egyptian security officer attacked Muslim Brotherhood Guide Mohamad Badei to push him to accept an initiative to end the political deadlock in the country, Arabi21.com reported on Tuesday. The London-based website said that it has the letter in its possession.

The ongoing crisis in Egypt started with the 2013 military coup against democratically-elected President Mohamed Morsi, whose party was affiliated to the Brotherhood. A statement issued by the now banned movement in August is described as its "roadmap" to end the political impasse.

According to Arabi21, the letter alleged that the officer who attacked Badei was Marwan Abdel Hamid, 38, the new director of Al-Aqrab Prison, which is part of the Tora Prison Complex. He reports directly to Colonel Ahmad Seif, who has responsibility for the whole complex.

The smuggled letter claimed that Abdel Hamid summoned a number of Brotherhood prisoners and questioned them regarding the August statement, which called for all Egyptians to come together and solve the crisis.

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