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Sudan opposition warns of countercoup if no deal is made

Exiled Sudanese prime minister Sadiq Al Madhi [RomanDeckert/Wikipedia]
Exiled Sudanese prime minister Sadiq Al Madhi [RomanDeckert/Wikipedia]

Leader of Sudanese opposition and head of the Islamic Umma party, Sadiq Al-Mahdi, warned that hardliners in ousted President Omar Al-Bashir’s National Congress Party (NCP) and allied military rulers could run a “countercoup” if the Transitional Military Council (TMC) and the opposition do not reach an agreement on the handover of power to civilians.

“For them to attempt a countercoup is most probable. All the time they are conspiring. The whole group is well versed in conspiracy. The conspiratorial mind is ingrained in them,” Al-Mahdi whose party leads negotiations with the TMC, told Reuters, in Khartoum.

The senior opposition figure said he would consider running for president only if elections are held, but not during the transitional period.

“I think their intentions are good. They are not interested in forming a military government,” he said of army commanders who toppled President Omar Al-Bashir on 11 April.

Former Al-Bashir ousted Al-Mahdi, Sudan’s last elected prime minister, in a peaceful coup in 1989.

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