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Hamas: ‘No compromise’ on decent daily life for Palestinians

Hamas spokesperson, Mahmoud Al-Zahar [file photo]
Hamas spokesperson, Mahmoud Al-Zahar [file photo]

Senior Hamas leader, Mahmoud Al-Zahar, has stressed that there will be “no compromise” on a decent daily life for Palestinians in the besieged Gaza Strip.

Al-Zahar also noted that Hamas will oblige Israel to commit to the ceasefire understandings, hailing the performance of the Palestinian factions during the last round of Israeli attacks on Gaza earlier this month, Al-Wattan Voice reported yesterday.

“The Palestinian resistance sent a clear message that it does not accept or allow the Palestinians to starve, remain without medical treatment, education, electricity and salaries,” Al-Zahar said, noting that these are the principles of daily life and are not negotiable.

He reiterated that Israel has undermined the principles of the Palestinians, the umma (Muslim community) and the rights of people to their land, holy sites and faith, adding: “Today, no one says he is ready to concede one inch of Palestine and those who believed in [the] Oslo [Accords] and the two-state solution [have] realised that Hamas has been true since the beginning”.

Hamas: Palestinians to fight any plan undermining their cause

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