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Fatah claims positive developments regarding internal reconciliation

Senior member of Fatah’s Central Committee, Azzam Al-Ahmad
Senior member of Fatah’s Central Committee, Azzam Al-Ahmad

Azzam al-Ahmad, a Member of Fatah Executive Committee, claimed a positive development related to the internal reconciliation with Hamas, Arab48.com reported on Wednesday.

Al-Ahmad, who is in charge of following up the reconciliation file with Hamas, also claimed there are new positive changes regarding Hamas’s position.

Speaking to Palestine Voice radio, Al-Ahmad claimed that a senior Egyptian delegation is to visit Ramallah soon to meet the Palestinian Authority, Fatah and PLO President Mahmoud Abbas.

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After meeting with Abbas, Al-Ahmad claimed, the Egyptian delegation will visit Gaza in order to meet with Hamas leaders.

“There are positive developments regarding Hamas’s position and Egypt to announce these developments at the presence of Hamas and Fatah officials,” Al-Ahmad said.

Earlier, a PLO official revealed that Egypt would resume reconciliation talks among the Palestinian factions.

The official said that Cairo to send invitations for Palestinian factions to soon in order to resume reconciliation talks.

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