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Iran condemns execution of 2 Shias in Bahrain

Ahmed al-Malali, 24, and Ali al-Arab, 25 [Twitter/DanielWickham93]

Iran has condemned the execution of two Shia activists in Bahrain on terrorism-related charges, Anadolu reports.

On Saturday, Bahraini authorities executed two men on charges of joining a "terrorist" group and plotting attacks in the Gulf states.

The executions came despite calls for clemency by human rights groups.

Abbas Mousavi, a spokesman for Iran's Foreign Ministry, said the executions reflect Bahrain's "wrong policy of suppression of protesters instead of choosing the path to rationality and trying to resolve the self-inflicted crisis through reconciliation with the people".

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"Intensification of security-policing approaches would not help settle the crisis in Bahrain," he said in statements cited by the semi-official ISNA news agency.

Bahrain was rocked by revolt in 2011, when pro-democracy protests led by Shias erupted in the tiny Gulf state as part of that year's "Arab Spring" uprisings.

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