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Tunisia: 27 associations form coalition to monitor elections

An independent Tunisian organisation announced on Wednesday the formation of a coalition of 27 associations to monitor presidential and parliamentary elections.

This came in a statement made to Anadolu Agency by Ashraf Awadi, President of I Watch, on the sidelines of a press conference held by the organisation in Tunis.

"The announced partnership program includes 27 organisations spread across all electoral districts within the territory of the Tunisian Republic," Awadi stated.

He added: "the goal of the formation of the coalition is to ensure the smooth functioning of the electoral process and monitor the work of the electoral commission.

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Awadi continued: "We have the necessary electoral experience, and we hope that teamwork with our partners will be an incentive to achieve quality performance, and we will spare no effort to ensure the integrity of the upcoming elections."

He explained that the election monitoring program is based on four axes.

The most important aspect is the observation of the presidential and legislative campaigns and the follow-up on the sources of financing of campaigns by parliamentary votes only. Second, they will monitor the abuses on social media platforms, and observe the progress of the electoral process on the election day.

Among the 27 associations forming the coalition are IRADA association in the governorate of Tozeur (southwest), the Apollo association in the governorate of Monastir (east), and the Planet association in Mahdia (east).

Tunisia is preparing to hold its presidential elections on Sunday, as 26 candidates will compete during the first round; while parliamentary elections will be held on 6 October.

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