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US: Israel targeted Popular Mobilisation Force’s sites

Image of militants raising the Iraq and Popular Mobilisation Forces (PMF) flag [Mahmoud Hosseini/Wikipedia]
Militants can be seen raising the Iraq and Popular Mobilisation Forces (PMF) flag [Mahmoud Hosseini/Wikipedia]

Washington told Iraq that Israel targeted Popular Mobilisation sites in the country, Iraqi MP Abdul Khaliq Al-Azzawi revealed yesterday.

According to Arab48, Al-Azzwai, who is the head of the defence committee in the Iraqi parliament, said that Israeli drones carried out most of the 12 strikes in the last two months.

He noted that the US authority, which is responsible for protecting and controlling Iraqi airspace, informed Iraq of this.

The MP said that a special committee that investigated the strikes had submitted its report to the government, but has not yet reported its findings.

The US and Israel have not commented on the claims.

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Numerous ammunition depots belonging to the PMF have been targeted in recent months, with the Shia militia accusing Israel of being behind the strikes.

Iraqi President Barham Salih said an investigation into the air strikes was underway.

PMF Deputy Chairman Abu Mahdi Muhandis said on 21 August that the US was responsible for the attacks as it had allowed four Israeli drones to target the group and Iraqi military bases from its sites within the country.

One day earlier, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said that Iran’s military elements in Iraq were targeted by the country’s army in July.

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