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800 toxic substances in food and cosmetics consumed by Algerians

September 23, 2019 at 1:09 am

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During the first national forum on “Hormonal disorders and their effects on health,” Doctors and specialists warned of the unprecedented spread of toxic substances in cosmetics and food consumed by citizens. Doctors and specialists called for the need to create a national vigilance centre to protect Algerians of these complications, which are known to be increasingly spreading due to the lack of supervision.

During the forum, organised in Annaba governorate, the specialists revealed that more than 800 substances used in the pharmaceutical industry, cosmetics, nutrition and daily life cause hormonal disorders and lead to chronic diseases such as diabetes and some types of cancer as well as other conditions affecting children.

Professor Rashid Jaafari, head of the toxicology department at the University Hospital of Annaba, said that many studies are underway at the level of toxicology laboratories of various universities and institutes all over the country to determine the direct and indirect health effects of the use of several substances on hormonal balances, pointing out that excessive and reckless use of pharmaceutical and cosmetic substances exposes generations to health risks that must be prevented.

He added that the widespread prevalence of chronic diseases, such as diabetes or behavioural disorders in children such as autism or cases of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) in young people is related to hormonal disorders caused by factors linked to nutrition and excessive exposure to particular types of pharmaceuticals or cosmetics.

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Prof. Mikhachar Radwan, head of the toxicology department at the University Hospital of Tizi Ouzou and head of the National Anti-Doping Committee at the Mohamed-Boudiaf Olympic Complex in Algiers, stressed that the irrational use of certain stimulants affects the body’s hormonal balance. He also pointed to the widespread use of hormones related to bodybuilding and muscle enhancement among young people, which requires raising awareness of the dangers of indiscriminate use of such substances on health.

In order to protect young people, especially those who practice sports in an official way, such as professional athletes and amateurs, from the dangers of hormonal disorders, monitoring committees have been established, including representatives of the youth, sports and trade sectors, which will work periodically to monitor the use of these substances and reduce the risks, according to the same specialist.

During the two-day scientific forum, presentations were made on the results of studies conducted by laboratories of university hospitals in several Algerian governorates on hormonal disorders and the link between these unbalances and some chemicals used in the pharmaceutical, agricultural, cosmetic, and nutrition industries.

The forum was organised by the Toxicology Department at the University Hospital of Annaba, in cooperation with the research laboratory (Health and Environment) at the same medical centre.