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UN: More than 270,000 people displaced in Somalia floods

File photo of Somalian children queuing to receive food aid
Somalian children wait to receive food aid on 5 March 2017

Heavy rains have killed at least ten people and displaced more than 270,000 in Somalia, the United Nations (UN) said on Friday.

East Africa has been experiencing heavy rains and floods, forcing families to leave their homes.

Residents in the central Somalia town of Beledweyne said a river had overflowed, leaving around ten people dead when a boat capsized as those onboard tried to rescue stranded residents.

A tropical storm is expected to make the situation on the ground worse. Rains are forecast to continue until the end of the year and humanitarian organisations are warning of waterborne diseases and mass displacement.

The World Food Programme (WFP) said it was able to deliver food supplies to 4,000 families in the affected areas.

UN: 2.6M people in Somalia internally displaced 

“Heavy rains in several African countries have caused floods in Somalia, South Sudan and Kenya this year,” WFP chief spokesman Herve Verhoosel told reporters.

WFP was reported to have sent a helicopter loaded with food supplies to support Beledweyne residents, as well as the adjacent areas affected by the floods.

“WFP is working closely with the Flood Disaster Response Task Force, the Somali state department of humanitarian affairs and disaster management, as well as other UN agencies, to coordinate the reach to those most affected by the floods,” Verhoosel said.

“WFP is planning to provide alimental assistance to seven villages in Beledweyne,” the UN official added.

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