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Israeli court to rule on female soldiers in combat corps

Israel's High Court is to rule about the Israel Defence Forces having female soldiers in combat corps, the Jerusalem Post reported on Monday. According to reports, a pilot programme to integrate female soldiers alongside front line troops was announced as a success before being declared to have failed.

Two female soldiers have filed a petition to the Court, saying that the army's refusal to let them serve in tanks is a violation of the principle of equal rights. The court is to issue its ruling within a month. Having female soldiers in IDF armoured units is unprecedented.

According to senior officers, women soldiers face difficulties when loading tanks, as well as several other problems which surfaced during the pilot programme.

Israel is one of the few countries which has compulsory military service for women. In 2011, 33 per cent of the IDF was made up of women soldiers, most of whom serve on the Egyptian and Jordanian borders. These postings are regarded as the calmest places for soldiers to serve in.

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