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Iraqi's Hezbollah withdraws from Amiriyat Fallujah

March 11, 2020 at 1:09 am

Iraq’s Hezbollah Brigades yesterday withdrew from the area of the wells in the Anbar province’s city of Amiriyat Al-Fallujah after had been controlling the district since 2014, according to a military source.

“The Iraqi Hezbollah Brigades withdrew yesterday from the area of the wells, 23 kilometres south of Fallujah, and moved their equipment to the Babil province located on the borders with Anbar,” the source, preferring anonymity, told Anadolu Agency.

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The source added that the Iraqi army had taken over the area after Hezbollah forces’ withdrawal. The move comes following a call by Iraq’s central government to return the liberated areas to its indigenous people, which have been occupied by different factions.

The Hezbollah battalions took control over the wells are in Fallujah in 2014, while displacing its inhabitants, forcing them to move to outskirts camps and into the Amiriyat Al-Fallujah.