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Iran: Decision to exchange prisoners with US requires will not talks

Iranian government spokesman Ali Rabei
Iranian government spokesman Ali Rabei on 4 February 2017 [Mostafameraji/Wikipedi]

Iranian government spokesman Ali Rabiei said the decision to exchange prisoners between Tehran and the United States needs "executive will", not "mediation or negotiations", IRNA news agency reported.

Rabiei explained that the media reports that have recently circulated regarding the exchange of prisoners between Iran and America are related to the same offer made by Foreign Minister Muhammad Javad Zarif in 2018 in which he affirmed Tehran's readiness to exchange prisoners with all countries and not only with the US.

"The issue does not need mediation or negotiations; if the executive will is available," Rabiei said.

The New York Times reported a few days ago that Iran and the United States have been holding talks on a prisoner exchange.

According to the paper, the United States wants to swap a US navy veteran held by Tehran with an Iranian-American doctor held in America.

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