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Iran Shura Council endorses anti-Israel law 

May 19, 2020 at 2:20 am

On Monday the Iranian Shura Council approved a draft law aimed at confronting Israeli hostile practices against regional and international security.

Article one of the bill stipulates to employ all national, regional and international capacities to confront the hostile actions practiced by “the Zionist entity” against the oppressed Palestinian people, Islamic countries and the Islamic Republic of Iran, as well as Tel Aviv’s destructive role in undermining peace and security on regional and international levels and its systematic violations of human rights, including war crimes, terrorism, electronic warfare, the use of heavy and prohibited weapons against civilians and the displacement of the Palestinian people.

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The article also specifies countering Israel’s attempts to annex more land in the occupied Palestinian territories, Syria and Lebanon.

Article two of the bill obliges the Iranian Foreign Ministry to prepare a plan within six months for the establishment of a virtual embassy or consulate for Iran in the occupied city of Jerusalem in Palestine.