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Hamas leadership prioritises release of Palestinian detainees in Saudi Arabia

May 26, 2020 at 10:49 am

Maher Salah, head of Hamas Diaspora Office [Quds Press]

The issue of Palestinian detainees held by Saudi Arabia and their release is a priority for the Hamas leadership, a senior official has confirmed. The head of the movement’s Diaspora Office made this clear on Monday in a statement to mark Eid Al-Fitr, Quds Press has reported.

“Be confident that the Hamas leadership is working tirelessly to secure your release so that you can enjoy your freedom again and reunite with your families,” Maher Salah said in a comment addressed specifically to the detainees. “The movement has spared no effort to achieve this goal by all means available to us, and on all tracks: political, diplomatic, legal, popular and others.”

He pointed out that the detainees were imprisoned unjustly and for no reason other than supporting or working with those who seek to liberate the Palestinians’ homeland and the holy sites from the grip of a “hateful and criminal occupation” so that they can return to their land.

“We have faith that our nation will carry the seeds of goodness until the Day of Resurrection,” added Salah. “There must be a day when the situation will resume its natural course, the Palestinians will regain their rights, and the oppressed will see the oppressor pay for the injustices committed.”

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Stressing that the people making the greatest sacrifices in occupied Palestinian territory will make more sacrifices in the whole region, the Hamas official insisted that this will continue until all of Palestine and the holy sites have been restored to their rightful owners.

Saudi Arabia arrested dozens of Palestinian students, academics and residents arbitrarily a year ago, including Muhammad Al-Khodari, the official representative of Hamas in the Kingdom. No formal charges have been made against them.

According to human rights organisations, some of the detainees whose fate is still unknown have already been tried. Quds Press understands that the Saudi authorities took just over 60 of the Palestinians living in the Kingdom to court on 8 March. Some of them are holders of Jordanian passports.

Despite the continuous attempts by Hamas to communicate with Saudi officials while calling repeatedly for the release of the detainees, Riyadh has simply taken further measures against the Palestinian prisoners.

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