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Arab MK: Israel police who killed disabled Palestinian are 'human garbage'

"Those who shot him are human garbage. Occupation garbage."

Arab Israeli MK Ahmed Tibi described Israeli border police who killed an autistic Palestinian in Jerusalem as "rubbish".

Making the remarks during a Knesset session, Tibi said Israeli police quickly opened fire at Palestinians and Arabs without any reason. Highlighting the case of Eyad Hallaq who was shot in Jerusalem on 30 May in spite of being unarmed and posing no threat to armed occupation forces.

"He was helping his house, helping his mother. He removed bags of garbage to place them in the bin but the human garbage of the occupation shot him dead," he said, adding:

Those who shot him are human garbage. Occupation garbage.

Tibi added that those who asked how officers could have known that Eyad was autistic should be aware that his carer, Warda Abu Hadid, frantically tried to alert the soldiers of his situation, but her warnings fell on deaf ears.

Warda had previously reported that she had shouted: "He's disabled, disabled! Wait a moment, take his ID card, check his ID."

"Suddenly they fired three bullets at him, in front of my eyes, Don't shoot him. They didn't listen; they didn't want to hear."

He asked, "why do they instantly shoot automatic weapons at Arabs?" in reference to Israeli police and soldiers, adding: "Because they are poisoned against us".

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