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Egypt man locks his sister in a room for 22 years

An Egyptian man who locked his sister in a house for 22 years has been arrested

An Egyptian man who locked his sister in a house for 22 years in Upper Egypt was detained pending investigation following the discovery, reports Egypt Independent.

Fadia Ismail's imprisonment was discovered after neighbours reported her brother to the public prosecution.

After she was rescued, 56-year-old Fadia was examined by a doctor who reported she was suffering serious health issues due to her confinement.

Fadia suffered psychological and physical damage as a result of the ordeal.

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A photo of Fadia published on Egypt Independent shows that she is severely malnourished.

For the final 11 months of her confinement her family completely neglected her, giving her little food.

Egypt Independent reported the man's wife saying that Fadia had been locked up to stop her from running away. However, the Rassd news site said Fadia had been detained as a result of a dispute over money as she was owed money for her share of the family home.

Admitting to locking up his sister, Fadia's brother said he had done so because she suffered mental health issues and he had to protect her.

Photos of the room where Fadia was kept, with a straw roof, a sand floor and a blanket or a rug in the corner.

The family live in the village of Tala in Minya, the capital of Upper Egypt, approximately 245 kilometres south of Cairo.

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