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Egypt whistlebower Mohamed Ali calls for protests on 20 September

September 8, 2020 at 11:21 am

Egyptian businessman Mohamed Ali Barcelona, Spain on 23 October 2019 [JOSEP LAGO/AFP/Getty Images]

Egyptian whistleblower and former army contractor Mohamed Ali has called for fresh protests in Egypt against the current regime led by General Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi.

Under the Arabic hashtag “go out on 20 September” Ali called on Egyptians to protest against oppression and injustice and to unite to save the country.

The hashtag was the number one trending in Egypt.

In 2019, Mohamed Ali released a series of videos in which he accused the ruling regime, Al-Sisi’s family including his wife, and top army leaders of corruption and squandering public funds by building opulent palaces for their own personal use whilst Egyptians ger poorer and poorer.

Two thirds of Egyptians live below the poverty line.

Millions shared and viewed his videos and took to the streets on 20 September in rare anti-government protests.

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Egyptians were divided over his calls, with thousands expressing their support and demanding Al-Sisi leave. Several added that since the anniversary of last year’s protests, living conditions for Egyptians are even worse.

The Egyptian economy has continued to deteriorate and human rights abuses have escalated, compounded by the coronavirus crisis in the country which has been mishandled by the ruling authorities.

Thousands of houses have been demolished after the government claimed they violated building requirements.

There is also widespread anger at the government’s handling of Libya and the Renaissance Dam negotiations.

However, others warned that calls to demonstrate would be followed by a fresh round of arrests. Security forces detained at least 3,000 people following last year’s anti-government protests, including prominent activists like Alaa Abdel Fattah.

Mohamed Ali called for more protests on the anniversary of the January 2011 revolution but ended up withdrawing from political life after no one responded to his calls.

Last week the hashtag “We don’t want you Sisi” was trending.