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Ethiopia's Renaissance Dam is making waves in Egypt

May 10, 2014 at 3:58 pm

The waters of the Nile river cascade through the Merowe dam on 14 August 2007 [Isam Al-Haj/AFP via Getty Images]

When the Merowe Dam in Sudan was built Ali Askouri, his family and their community were flooded out of their homes 80 kilometres from where it was being constructed to make way for the project; part of his family were pressured to move to resettlement housing and part of them stayed in the area. That was in 2008. To this day, the government have not compensated these families.

“They lost everything, their crops, their farming land, their houses, schools, clinics,” says Askouri, “all that went under the water. The government offered them nothing and they had to rebuild everything from scratch.”

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