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Khartoum: Protesters burn Israel flag

October 22, 2020 at 11:08 pm

The Israeli flag is burned by Palestinian militants during an anti-Israel rally on April 17, 2004, in Gaza, Gaza Strip [Abid Katib/Getty Images]

Sudanese protesters burned the Israeli flag during their participation in the march “to correct the course of the revolution” on Wednesday in the capital of Khartoum.

Local newspaper Al-Intibaha published photos showing a group of demonstrators in Khartoum who participated in the 21 October marches burning the Israeli flag to express their rejection of normalisation.

The newspaper disclosed that the demonstrators chanted slogans against calls to hold relations with Israel, and demanded pro-normalisation parties to revise their position.

Al-Hadaf newspaper, owned by the Ba’ath Party, posted photos and videos on its Facebook page of the incident, stating: “The protesters burned the flag of the Zionist entity during the 21 October marches in Khartoum.”

On Wednesday, protesters marched the streets of Khartoum in response to calls for mass protests to correct the course of the revolution made by the Sudanese Professionals Association (SPA) and the Sudanese Communist Party (CP), one of the most prominent components of the Forces of Freedom and Change alliance (FFC).

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This came at a time when Hebrew media reported that a Zionist delegation visited the Sudanese capital on Wednesday, to prepare for the announcement of a normalisation agreement between the two countries.

The Israeli Public Broadcasting Corporation (IPBC) stated that the Israeli delegation flew via private jet from Ben Gurion International Airport on Wednesday morning directly to the Sudanese capital.

On Monday, the IPBC quoted unnamed Israeli officials confirming that the US president is expected to announce the decision, and that an official statement regarding the establishment of relations between Tel Aviv and Khartoum will be issued within a few days.

Last September, the United Arab Emirates and Bahrain announced the signing of normalisation agreements with Israel.