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Party calls for dissolution of Sudanese government

Image of Sudanese parliament in session [crscntstrafrica‏/Twitter]
Sudanese parliament in session, 4 May 2017 [crscntstrafrica‏/Twitter]

The Sudanese Popular Congress Party has called for the dissolution of the transitional government and the formation of a technocrat administration, Anadolu reported on Wednesday. In a statement to mark the 56th anniversary of the first Sudanese uprising, the party said that such an administration should include all political parties across the political spectrum.

The party called for the provision of better living conditions for Sudanese citizens to be speeded up, and for improvements in education and health care.

"We call for the formation of a caretaker government that treats the economic crisis seriously and prepares for the elections," it said, "Such a government should leave the national issues, ruling system, identity and constitution to the elected parliament which would be chosen by the people."

The first popular uprising in Sudan took place on 21 October 1964 and ousted the military regime led by Ibrahim Abboud. According to the Popular Congress Party, the Sudanese are today living in the same sort of conditions which led to that intifada when they rose against an "oppressive" authority and called for it to quit "before it is uprooted."

At the same time, the party said that the Sudanese people are to take to the streets in rejection of the normalisation of ties with Israel and the US humiliation of their country. The Sudanese authorities have tightened security in Khartoum following calls for mass protests against the transitional government.

Sudan: army foils coup attempt by retired officers 

The Sudan Doctors' Committee announced on Wednesday that security forces killed a protester and wounded 13 others in a violent crackdown on peaceful protests which called for the path of the revolution to be reformed.

Sudan is suffering from supply crises with bread, flour, fuel and cooking gas difficult to obtain due to the falling value of the Sudanese pound on the black market.

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