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Egypt hails Kuwait's efforts to end Gulf crisis

Egyptian Foreign Ministry spokesman Ahmed Hafez, 19 July 2020 [AbdelnourSaimah/Twitter]
Egyptian Foreign Ministry spokesman Ahmed Hafez, 19 July 2020 [AbdelnourSaimah/Twitter]

Egypt yesterday hailed Kuwait's ongoing efforts to end the crisis among Gulf States, a statement issued by the Egyptian Foreign Ministry spokesman, Ahmed Hafez, said.

The press release, which was reported by Al-Ahram newspaper, stated that Egypt appreciates "the continued efforts exerted by Emir of Kuwait and the Kuwaiti state to mend the Arab rift and settle the crisis between Qatar and the Arab Quartet (Saudi Arabia, UAE, Bahrain and Egypt)."

According to the statement, these efforts came "within the framework of Kuwait's usual role and its keenness on maintaining stability in the Arab region."

The spokesman said: "We hope these endeavours yield a comprehensive solution that addresses all causes of this crisis and guarantees strict and serious commitment to implement what will be agreed upon."

He reiterated that Egypt always prioritises the preservation of Arab solidarity, stability and security, out of its responsibilities and stances, according to the statement.

The four countries severed all diplomatic and transport links with Qatar in June 2017 over claims that Doha hosts and supports terror groups. Qatar has denied the claims.

Timeline: Qatar rift with Arab states

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