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Russia withdraws from suburbs of Syria's Idlib

Russian military vehicles drive on the road as Russia makes a new military and logistic reinforcement of 30 vehicles to its military points in Kamisli, which is occupied by PKK, listed as a terrorist organization by Turkey, the U.S. and the EU, and the Syrian Kurdish YPG militia, which Turkey regards as a terror group in Kamisli, Syria on September 14, 2020. ( Samer Uveyd - Anadolu Agency )

Russia has withdrawn its forces from the city of Saraqib in the suburbs of Idlib, northern Syria, without announcing any plan to do so, local media outlets reported.

The Orient Net website quoted "unnamed" sources as saying that the Russian forces "suddenly" withdrew from the city of Saraqib towards the city of Maarat Al-Numan, and from there to the Hama military airport, which is a Russian base in the area.

The sources added that a number of Russian military tanks and vehicles, in addition to artillery and missile firing systems have also withdrawn from Saraqib.

According to the sources, the largest Russian withdrawal was on 24 February, and it included four tanks and seven trucks used to transport equipment and soldiers, in addition to one minesweeper, several artillery vehicles and rocket launchers.

Moscow justified the withdrawal from Saraqib saying it wants to protect its soldiers from repeated attacks by "terrorists".

UN Syria commission calls for immediate ceasefire

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