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Morocco: Press Syndicate regrets Algerian media reaction to king’s initiative

August 5, 2021 at 3:40 pm

The flags of Algeria (L) and Morocco flutters in Algiers, Algeria. [FAROUK BATICHE/AFP/Getty Images]

The Moroccan National Press Syndicate has criticised the reaction of a number of Algerian media outlets to the call of King Mohammed VI for the land border between the two countries to be opened. The Algerian media, said the syndicate, had worked hard to undo what this historic opportunity offered. The coverage, it added, had all the signs of coming from one source, which suggests a coordinated campaign.

“The coverage lacked the simplest professional requirements and ethics of this noble profession,” said the syndicate. “It was saturated with hostile, libellous and insulting language.”

The organisation released a statement on Wednesday, a copy of which was received by Al-Quds Al-Arabi. It said that it had followed up what was published by several Algerian media outlets in recent days, especially after the speech delivered by the Moroccan monarch on the occasion of the 22nd Anniversary of Throne Day. King Mohammed invited Algerian officials, particularly the President of the Republic, to overcome the issues of the past and initiate new bilateral relations that will be profitable for the people of both countries.

The statement noted that the role of the media is to contribute towards mobilising public opinion in order to overcome difficulties in the best interests of the people through cooperation, synergy and solidarity. It added that the Moroccan and Algerian media were, and still are, called upon to make use of the opportunities offered by the recent developments with the aim of advancing reconciliation between the neighbouring countries, which have both paid a heavy price for the successive crises between them. Many Algerian media outlets, the syndicate pointed out, have deviated from such noble objectives.

The Moroccan press syndicate called on “honourable and free” Algerian journalists to challenge the “aggressive tendency” that some Algerian circles are trying to establish in order to taint relations between the two peoples. It also urged Moroccan media not to be hasty or react negatively, but rather to work on supporting the positive trend by reactivating ties between the two states.

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