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Positive working for Palestine in Britain

Scores of students came out to protest against the LSE Debate Society hosting Israeli Ambassador to the UK, Tzipi Hotovely, on campus in London on 9 November 2021 [@LSEforPalestine/Twitter]
Scores of students came out to protest against the LSE Debate Society hosting Israeli Ambassador to the UK, Tzipi Hotovely, on campus in London on 9 November 2021 [@LSEforPalestine/Twitter]

The capital of Balfour is considered one of the best cities in the world to express the Palestinian right and solidarity with it. Even after the attempts of the pro-occupation lobby to restrict it due to the value and importance of the effort being made and the role played by the solidarity movement with Palestine in Britain.

We see, day after day, how the popularity of the occupying state is declining and its narrative is weakening in front of the Palestinian narrative in Western public opinion, especially through social media platforms. These are the positive things that you can hardly find in some Arab countries and, in practice, those who work touch the Palestinian activists and their solidarity with them.

Britain has many advantages, including:

First: before judicial justice:

The possibility of prosecuting war criminals in the occupying country before the British judiciary;

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The possibility of suing the British government about the Balfour Declaration;

The success of litigation procedures and obtaining judgments in favour of Palestinian activists, institutions and individuals, acquitting them of the charges against them, whether through the police or the media.

Second: demonstrations and sit-ins:

Easy to organise solidarity marches and vigils without the need for a legal license;

Easy to access gathering places and public facilities and providing various forms of awareness about the issue;

The possibility of distributing widely information material on Palestine, and the raising of Palestinian flags at various locations.

Third: In dealing with the legislature and the government:

Addressing the parliamentarians and asking them about their role on the issue and the mandatory response of the parliamentarian to that;

Signing electronic petitions on various occasions to serve the cause. If the number of signatories reaches ten thousand, they are presented to the government, and if their number reaches one hundred thousand, they are presented to Parliament.

Fourth: In the institutional work of Palestine:

The presence of institutions, such as the Council on British-Palestinian Relations in constant contact with the British Foreign Office;

Existence of pressure institutions working for Palestine, such as the Palestinian Return Centre represented in the United Nations, the European Palestinian Communication Forum Euro Pal and the International Solidarity Campaign with Palestine;

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The existence of several community associations working for Palestine, including the Palestinian Forum in Britain, which organises annual gatherings and festivals for Palestine, attended by thousands, as well as the annual Ramadan Iftar;

The presence of a number of specialised charitable institutions in Palestine and Jerusalem, as well as the presence of a charitable entry to Palestine through the various major relief and development organizations in Britain.

Fifth: On the level of student work:

Student unions are considered the largest incubator of Palestine in Britain. They expelled the ambassador of the occupation not long ago;

There is hardly a university in Britain devoid of an association or club that brings together those in solidarity with Palestine in it, and they carry out several activities for that.


In the end, these are 14 points of the positive aspects of working for Palestine with personal monitoring. If there had been a study and systematic scientific monitoring of that, the outcome would have been much greater.

Accordingly, I think that working for Palestine in Britain is extremely important, and the opportunities available are great, waiting for someone to invest in it better in order to offer more creativity in the service of this just cause.

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