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Saudi Arabia calls on Iran to stop interfering in others' affairs

Image of the Shura Council in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia [Bandar Algaloud / Saudi RoyalCouncil / Handout/Anadolu]
Shura Council in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia [Bandar Algaloud / Saudi RoyalCouncil / Handout/Anadolu]

Speaker of the Saudi Shura Council, Abdullah Bin Muhammad Al-Sheikh, has called on Iran to cooperate and stop meddling in the domestic affairs of others and stop "exploiting" the Houthis in Yemen

"Saudi Arabia calls on Iran, as a neighbour with whom our people share religious and cultural ties, to cooperate with the countries of the region by adhering to the principles of international legitimacy," Al-Sheikh said during a meeting of the heads of the Shura Councils of the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) held in the Omani capital, Muscat.

Al-Sheikh also called on Iran to cooperate with the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) and fulfil its obligations in this regard.

The official affirmed the kingdom's commitment to supporting the UN-sponsored truce in Yemen, and rejected what he described as "Iran's exploitation of the [Yemeni] Houthis to bargain with the international community keen on the success of the truce."

"The future of the region demands the adoption of a vision that prioritises security, stability and prosperity. This in turn should be based on mutual respect between regional countries and strengthening cultural and social ties and confronting security and political challenges," he added.

Since 2016, Saudi Arabia and Iran have been engaged in bilateral negotiations, sponsored by Iraq, aimed at restoring severed relations. Since April 2021, Baghdad has hosted five rounds of talks between Riyadh and Tehran.

Earlier this month, the Iranian Foreign Ministry said there is a new Saudi approach, based on the belief in the necessity of talking and negotiating in order to resume the two countries' official relations, describing the move as an "important development".

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