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Palestinian police accuse Israel of allowing drugs to enter Gaza Strip

November 17, 2022 at 12:07 pm

Hashish [FlickR]

A senior Palestinian police officer has accused the Israeli occupation authorities of intentionally facilitating the entry of drugs in the besieged Gaza Strip, Al-Resalah has reported.

According to Colonel Anwar Zo’rob on Wednesday, the drugs not only destroy addicts but also the social fabric of the Palestinians in the enclave.

Zo’rob pointed out that the Israeli authorities prevent the Palestinians from having access to the technology which helps in the fight against drug smuggling. At the moment, he explained, the Palestinian police use specially-trained dogs to sniff out drugs being brought into Gaza.

Last month, the police seized 580 bags of hashish and thousands of pills. Most of the criminals who have also started to grow cannabis plants in Gaza, said Zo’rob, have been caught and punished. Drug dealers in occupied Palestine face lengthy prison terms when caught and put on trial.

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