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Saudi Arabia's judiciary sentences murderer of pilot Bandar Al-Qarhadi to death

Justice Law concept. [Photo by AHMAD GHARABLI/AFP via Getty Images]
Justice Law concept. [Getty Images]

In an ongoing brutal murder case involving a young pilot that has shook the streets of Saudi Arabia, a Saudi court yesterday sentenced to death the defendant, Alkhaleej Online news website has reported.

Lawyer and counselor Abdulaziz Al-Qulaisi said on his Twitter account: "After a month and a half of the trial, the death sentence was issued in the case of the murdered and martyr Bandar Al-Qarhadi, as a punishment against the defendant."

Last month Bandar Al-Qarhadi's was handcuffed to his car by a friend before setting his body on fire on a street in Jeddah. A video of Qarhaidi screaming "What did I do?" before dying of serious burns circulated on social media.

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The murdered pilot's father, Taha Al-Qarhadi, appeared in a video with Qulaisi confirming that the perpetrator was sentenced to death.

Following Qarhadi's murder six weeks ago, the Saudi Public Security directorate issued an official statement for the arrest of the perpetrator, who is a Saudi citizen.

Al-Qarhadi told Al-Arabiya at the time: "My son Bandar was known for his kindness … He had been working for Saudi Airlines for 20 years, and he was known for nothing but kindness and good manners."

He has also made an appeal to social media platforms to stop broadcasting videos of his son's terrible ordeal. It causes pain and suffering for the family, he said.

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