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Mansaf in a Cup comes to Gaza

Amr Abu Al-Khayr wanted to bring something new the Strip and thought providing an affordable way for Palestinians to enjoy mansaf would be a great start

March 18, 2023 at 4:16 pm

Amr Abu Al-Khayr wanted to bring a new idea to Gaza, when he came across mansaf in a cup, he knew this was something people would appreciate and enjoy.

Mansaf, a dish popular in Jordan and Palestine, has three main components: lamb, rice and jameedJameed is made from fermented and dried goat’s milk that is then formed into hard balls and soaked and rehydrated before being cooked into mansaf.

“I saw this idea in Jordan but didn’t find it anywhere in Gaza,” Amr says. “So I wanted to do it and be the first, and to bring something new to people.”

“A lot of people liked the idea, others said the whole idea of mansaf is to eat it with your hands. I don’t disagree, but in Gaza restaurants don’t serve it with jameed, most just use yogurt.”

To make the cups, Amr begins by pouring in jameed, followed with rice and shrak bread, then another layer of rice, then the meat and toasted almonds complete the dish.

Mansaf in a cup means people don’t have to be sat in a restaurant to eat, they can take their cup and go, eat as they walk, in their car or anywhere they want, Amr explains. It also saves them money because they only pay for the portion they are eating and not the over 100 shekels ($28) for a mansaf platter, which for many Palestinians is unaffordable.

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