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4-year-old ‘datekid’ raises $2,500 for children in Turkiye, Syria

March 29, 2023 at 1:40 pm

Four year old Londoner, Adam Abdullah.

Four-year-old Londoner, Adam Abdullah, has set himself a highly original Ramadan challenge by giving a new twist to the ice bucket challenge which became a craze nearly a decade ago. To raise money for children suffering following the disastrous earthquakes in Turkiye and Syria and vulnerable children elsewhere, Adam will eat a date during iftar, when Muslims break their fast, and record a video message nominating another person to consume a date and donate to his JustGiving page. The person nominated by Adam can then nominate someone else to take part in the challenge, creating an endless chain of nominations.

Adam has already reached his target of raising £1,000 ($1,236) within the first three days of Ramadan and is close to doubling his target. Showing his excitement and joy, Adam posted a video message to his supporters: “We made it guys! £1,000 [has been raised]; thank you so much….Inshallah [God willing].”

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I will raise more money [so that] I can support children around the world. Please support me to raise more money and save a child’s life, an angel’s life. 

Adam’s mother, Nahida Choudhury, talked about her son’s spirit and excitement around the fundraising initiative: “All I remember is Adam asking questions about what an earthquake is, and when I explained the meaning and consequences of what’s happening in Turkiye and Syria, he was visibly upset.”

Equally proud of his son, Adam’s father, Yemon Abdullah, said the campaign will highlight the plight of children across the world. “It’s important we appreciate what we have in this country while children around the world are suffering. Hopefully Adam’s campaign will address the crucial fact of child vulnerability around the world for many reasons and raise awareness,” said Abdullah.

Money raised by Adam will go to funds for the Ramadan Family Commitment (RFC), a Channel S TV initiative. Donations will be raised through 26 Live Appeals after which funds will be equally distributed.

To help Adam raise money for children in Syria and Turkiye visit his JustGiving page.

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