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Tunisia: Ghannouchi's Advisor confirms his transfer to hospital

April 19, 2023 at 1:26 pm

Ennahda party chief Rachid Ghannouchi arrives to the court to appear at the money laundering accusation trial in Tunis, Tunisia on July 19, 2022. [Yassine Gaidi – Anadolu Agency]

Maher Medhioub, the Media Advisor to the leader of the Tunisian Ennahda Movement, revealed the transfer of Rached Ghannouchi to the hospital.

He confirmed to Al-Quds Al-Arabi the deterioration of Ghannouchi’s health condition hours after his arrest, and the search of his home in the capital, holding President Kais Saied “fully responsible for the imminent threat to Ghannouchi’s life”.

Meanwhile, Ahmed Najib Chebbi, the leader of the National Salvation Front, confirmed that security forces prevented the Front from holding a press conference about Ghannouchi’s arrest.

In radio statements, he said, “Terrorism charges have been levelled against Ghannouchi for expressing an opinion, and what happened yesterday and today indicates the collapse of freedoms.” He considered that the country is going through extraordinary circumstances, calling on the Tunisian elite to confront what he described as the “oppression machine” that will not spare anyone.

He added, “Ghannouchi did not threaten a civil war but called for reconciliation, national unity and dialogue. Today, he finds himself arrested for expressing an opinion, which is unreasonable, considering his age and status. He is the leader of an elected Parliament and the largest party in Tunisia, loved by those who love him and hated by those who hate him.”

Tunisian authorities arrested Ghannouchi on Monday evening, searched his home, and closed all Ennahda Movement headquarters in Tunisia, which some considered a prelude to dissolving the country’s largest opposition party.

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