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Ex-Israel general: Reality in West Bank is apartheid 

Israelis blast former military general for calling Israel's occupation of Palestine 'apartheid'

August 14, 2023 at 11:49 am

Former Israeli army general and ex-senior Mossad agent, Amiram Levin, yesterday said that the Israeli occupation army is a “partner in war crimes”, adding that the situation in the occupied West Bank is “total apartheid”, Kan radio reported.

“It’s hard for us to say it, but it’s the truth. Walk around Hebron, look at the streets. Streets where Arabs are no longer allowed to go on, only Jews. That’s exactly what happened there, in that dark country,” he added, in reference to Nazi Germany.

Commenting on the situation in the occupied West Bank, Levin said that “there hasn’t been a democracy there in 57 years, there is total apartheid.”

The former head of the Northern Command of the Israeli army also expressed fear that soldiers will not be motivated to defend the country if the coalition succeeds in shackling the judiciary.

Levin, who served as deputy director of the Mossad spy agency, said the military is not only suffering harm to its preparedness because of reservists’ refusals to serve, but is also “rotten to its core” due to Israel’s ongoing presence in the occupied West Bank.

“It’s standing by, looking at the settler rioters and is beginning to be a partner to war crimes,” Levin told Kan radio.

“It is 10 times worse than the issue of [military] readiness… and I say honestly, I am not angry at the Palestinians, I am angry at us. We are killing ourselves from the inside,” he stressed. “We find it difficult to say it, but that is the truth.”

Asked whether he saw specific similarities between Israel now with Nazi Germany, Levin said: “Of course. It hurts, it is not nice, but that’s the reality. It is better to deal with it, even if it is hard, than to ignore it.”

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