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Former Egyptian consul general reveals details of Israel-Hamas negotiations citing intelligence reports

The former Egyptian Consul General in Tel Aviv disclosed key aspects of the ongoing negotiations for a prisoner exchange between Israel and Hamas. According to intelligence reports and his insights, Israel initially set stringent conditions for the exchange, demanding the release of all detainees, including military personnel. The talks, involving Israel, Hamas, Qatar, and Egypt, faced hurdles as Qatar withdrew its mediation due to ongoing bombings. The negotiation process saw Hamas managing the dialogue strategically, setting specific time frames for their offers, which Israel repeatedly missed due to stalling tactics. The terms of the deal, heavily influenced by US pressure, included the exchange of Israeli and Palestinian hostages, with specific numbers and conditions. The deal also involved a temporary ceasefire and provisions for the entry of essential supplies into Gaza. The evolving situation indicated that despite public statements, the terms were more favorable to Hamas, challenging Israel's initial stance.

November 22, 2023 at 10:08 pm