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Israel's UN membership under scrutiny for non-compliance with refugee return conditions

Dr Daud Abdullah, Director of Middle East Monitor, discusses a significant historical moment in the UN's relationship with Israel. Following the 1948 expulsions and Israel's declaration of independence, Israel's initial application to the UN was not considered, and a subsequent attempt in December was rejected by the Security Council. It wasn't until May 1949 that Israel was admitted as a UN member, conditional upon adherence to the charter and implementation of Resolution 194, which demanded the return of refugees. In stark contrast to these conditions, Dr. Abdullah highlights that Palestinians in Gaza are being coerced into the southern part of the enclave, with open threats of expulsion to Sinai by Israeli officials. He argues that this violates international conventions and morality, suggesting it's time for the global community to reevaluate Israel's UN membership and consider suspension for non-compliance with membership terms. Stay tuned for insightful revelations in our latest MEMO Insights episode soon.

November 30, 2023 at 11:01 pm