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Egypt should respond to Gaza according to its status and ability to act, says Nasserist Party

February 13, 2024 at 12:56 pm

A man waves a Palestinian flag while marching past the headquarters of the Arab Democratic Nasserist Party along Talaat Harb Street in the centre of Cairo on October 20, 2023 [KHALED DESOUKI/AFP via Getty Images]

Egypt’s Arab Democratic Nasserist Party has called on the regime to take all measures possible to confront and thwart Israel’s plans in defence of the people in occupied Palestine and to protect Egypt’s national security, RT has reported.

“We are certain that any decisions and measures that will deter the [Israeli] enemy, stop its crimes, and protect our security and our people, whatever their cost, will be supported by the Egyptian people,” said the party in a press release. “They will stand behind the Egyptian army and leadership with honour, pride and dignity.”

The party claimed that “abandoning” the people and land of Gaza is a major reason why the city of Rafah is in such a state today, as Israel launches raids while preparing for a ground assault. This will allow the apartheid state and its “US sponsor” to continue its massacres of the Palestinians in Gaza, it said.

Condemning the Israeli plan to attack Rafah, where 1.5 million displaced Palestinians are gathered, as the prelude to another massacre, the party pointed out that it is happening due to the failure of Arab regimes and the high-level complicity in events in occupied Palestine.

“The Zionist enemy’s threats regarding the invasion of Rafah have already begun to take effect, as the enemy is currently committing massacres and launching continuous raids on the city which, in the past two days alone, have left hundreds of martyrs and wounded. This requires a decisive and deterrent stance by the Egyptian state, whose national security has become under threat, if not targeted, by the Zionist enemy.”

The party ended by describing what is happening in Rafah as a “direct and clear attack against Egyptian national security that cannot be ignored, nor can we remain silent in this regard. It requires a position that embodies the value and status of Egypt, its ability to impose its will, and the capability of its army to deter any usurping aggressor.”

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