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Palestine This Week: Israel's AI war machine and the targeting of civilians

The use of the 'Lavender' system to identify alleged Hamas targets in Gaza has led to tens of thousands of Palestinian civilians being killed in air strikes. Is Israel's military technology fit for purpose? Or does accuracy not matter when its real intention is the ethnic cleansing of Gaza? Join Palestine this Week host Nasim Ahmed as he discusses this and over events unfolding in Palestine.

April 9, 2024 at 6:00 pm

In the latest episode of MEMO’s weekly review, we speak with our guest Mouin Rabbani about Israel’s ongoing military operation in Gaza, which has now reached its sixth month. With over 33,000 Palestinians killed and more than 70 per cent of Gaza’s infrastructure destroyed, we discussed the genocidal nature of Israel’s assault and the factors contributing to its prolonged duration. We also delved into the recent killing of seven – mainly foreign – aid workers and its fallout, the Israeli occupation army’s withdrawal from Khan Yunis in the southern Gaza Strip and the speculation surrounding this decision.

The episode examines the terrifying world of military AI, specifically the “Lavender” system used by Israel to generate targets for assassination. We discussed the potential implications of this technology and its likely appeal to brutal regimes around the world. Additionally, we touched upon the bombing of the Iranian embassy in Damascus, the US opposition to recognising a Palestinian state within the UN framework, and the unprecedented backlash amongst Israel’s key allies following the killing of the foreign aid workers. Lastly, we analysed President Biden’s ultimatum to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and whether the apparent disagreement between the two leaders is merely a difference in tactics rather than overall strategy.