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Hamas calls for activating all forms of resistance to deter settlers

April 16, 2024 at 9:07 am

A view of heavily damaged car as Jewish settlers reportedly set fire to Palestinian homes and vehicles in Qusra town in Nablus, West Bank on 14 April, 2024 [Nedal Eshtayah/Anadolu via Getty Images]

Hamas called for “escalating popular anger and activating all forms of resistance to deter settlers from committing their crimes in the West Bank.”

The movement said in a statement yesterday: “The settler militias’ persistent attacks on villages and towns in the West Bank is a continuation of the series of crimes supported by the Nazi occupation government and its criminal leaders, who incite against the blood and resources of our people.”

“This blood will not be shed in vain. Rather, it will spark revenge and fire that will burn the occupation and its settlers. The steadfastness and determination of our people will not be deterred by the massacres or brutality of the occupation, whose attempts to crush the resistance in the West Bank have failed,” it said.

Hamas also noted that “the organised and escalating attacks by settler militias on citizens and their property, and their use of live ammunition directly targeting citizens, is a dangerous escalation and evidence of the brutality of the occupation, its shedding of Palestinian blood and its overwhelming desire to displace them from their land to implement its malicious plans to liquidate the Palestinian cause.”

The Arab Parliament condemned “the escalation of crimes and violations committed by the settlers, their militias, and their armed terrorist members against defenceless Palestinians in Palestinian villages, towns, camps and cities in the West Bank, including opening fire and burning homes and vehicles, which reached unprecedented levels, all of which is under the protection of the Israeli occupation army.”

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