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Gallant attacks Macron: ‘Israel will not be party to trilateral framework proposed by France’

June 15, 2024 at 10:28 am

Israel’s Defence Minister Yoav Gallant gives a speech in Tel Aviv on December 18, 2023 [ALBERTO PIZZOLI/AFP via Getty Images]

Israeli Defence Minister Yoav Gallant on Friday attacked French President Emmanuel Macron after the latter announced on Thursday the formation of a committee with the participation of the US, France and Israel to discuss the fighting between Israel and Hezbollah.

On the other hand, high-ranking officials of the Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs rejected the statements made by Gallant and expressed their objection to Gallant’s attacks on France.

The officials added: “Beyond the differences of opinion that exist between Israel and France, the statements against France are incorrect and out of place.”

They also asserted that France is leading: “An aggressive line in regard to sanctions against Iran and its missile and [armed drones] within the European Union.”

In a post on X, Gallant expressed: “As we fight a just war, defending our people, France has adopted hostile policies against Israel. In doing so, France ignores the atrocities committed by Hamas against Israeli children, women and men. Israel will not be a party to the trilateral framework proposed by France.”

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Macron told reporters on the sidelines of the G7 summit in Italy: “With the United States we agreed on the principle of a trilateral (contact group), Israel, the United States and France to advance on the roadmap that we proposed, and we will do the same with the Lebanese authorities.”

He also stated that Paris submitted written proposals to both sides aimed at stopping the exchange of fire on the border between Lebanon and Israel.

However, Gallant’s statements were made in light of Macron’s condemnations regarding the Israeli war on Gaza and his warning of war crimes committed by Israel. During a telephone conversation with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in March, the French president stated that he “strongly condemned” an Israeli attack on Rafah, warning that: “Any forced transfer of people from the southern Gaza city of Rafah would constitute a war crime.”

During the conversation with Netanyahu, Macron repeated his call for “an immediate and lasting ceasefire” and: “Strongly condemned Israel’s announcement of the seizure of 800 hectares of land in the occupied West Bank for new settlements.”

Macron confirmed that he intends to present a draft resolution to the United Nations Security Council calling for an immediate and lasting ceasefire and stressed the need for Israel to immediately open all crossing points into Gaza.

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