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MEMO Photographer Mohammed Asad

  • Gaza pilgrims given passage to Makkah

    EXCLUSIVE PICTURESPrime Minister Ismail Haniyeh yesterday thanked the Arab Republic of Egypt for granting the rite of passage to Gazan pilgrims to go perform Hajj. Speaking after the evening...
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  • Gaza's only power plant grinds to a halt

    EXCLUSIVE PICTURESVice-President of the Palestinian Energy Authority in the Gaza Strip, Mr Kanan Obeid, confirmed that the only electricity plant in the sector grounded to a halt today because...
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  • Israelis kill six Palestinians in Gaza

    WARNING GRAPHIC IMAGES Israeli forces have killed six Palestinians and wounded two others in two separate attacks in the Gaza Strip in less than 12 hours, Palestinian paramedics said...
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  • Gaza's new look corniche

    EXCLUSIVE PICTURES Palestinians in the Gaza Strip are continuing to challenge the Israeli blockade with a number of impressive development projects. Following a grant of $3.5 million from the...
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  • Bumper citrus harvest in Gaza

    EXCLUSIVE PICTURES Palestinian farmersĀ in Gaza are in the midst of harvesting a successful production of citrus fruit. Palestinian officials toured the land, and were given a variety of the...
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