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  • Gaza health authorities warn that more than 141 medicine types would run out due to siege

    The public administration for pharmacy in the Palestinian Ministry of Health in the Gaza Strip warned of the depletion of large quantities of medicines and medical equipments from the...
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  • Viva Palestina enters Gaza

    MEMO sources in Gaza have confirmed the arrival of the first batch of Viva Palestina aid vehicles after an arduous journey of four weeks. Their already difficult journey had...
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  • "The Gaza strip and the siege"

    {phatfusionslideshowimages/image-gallery-slideshow/gaza-strip-and-siege/1.jpg,images/image-gallery-slideshow/gaza-strip-and-siege/1t.jpg;images/image-gallery-slideshow/gaza-strip-and-siege/2.jpg,images/image-gallery-slideshow/gaza-strip-and-siege/2t.jpg;images/image-gallery-slideshow/gaza-strip-and-siege/3.jpg,images/image-gallery-slideshow/gaza-strip-and-siege/3t.jpg;images/image-gallery-slideshow/gaza-strip-and-siege/4.jpg,images/image-gallery-slideshow/gaza-strip-and-siege/4t.jpg;images/image-gallery-slideshow/gaza-strip-and-siege/5.jpg,images/image-gallery-slideshow/gaza-strip-and-siege/5t.jpg;images/image-gallery-slideshow/gaza-strip-and-siege/6.jpg,images/image-gallery-slideshow/gaza-strip-and-siege/6t.jpg;images/image-gallery-slideshow/gaza-strip-and-siege/7.jpg,images/image-gallery-slideshow/gaza-strip-and-siege/7t.jpg} MEMO Photographer: Mohammed Asad...
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  • UNRWA: "Gaza is back beyond the Stone Age due to the siege"

    The United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees in the Near East (UNRWA) has denounced the continuation of the blockade imposed on the Gaza Strip. The Israeli...
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  • Terror is the price of support for despots and dictators

    By Seumas MilneThe Guardian, Thursday 7 January 2010 Egypt's complicity in the Gaza's siege underlines the role of western support for such regimes in the spread of war If...
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