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Gaza health authorities warn that more than 141 medicine types would run out due to siege

The public administration for pharmacy in the Palestinian Ministry of Health in the Gaza Strip warned of the depletion of large quantities of medicines and medical equipments from the Ministry's warehouse. It was announced that its balance became zero, after the consumption of the available stocks with no further supply, in the light of the Israeli siege on the crossings.

The General Administration of Pharmacy has confirmed that the medicines with zero balance have reached up to 141 items; a list that includes many important and urgent items.

Dr. Munir Perch, General Director of Pharmacy in the Ministry of Health, said that the items of zero balance contains dialysis supplies, items that are necessary for the artificial kidney unit, items related to major operations, special items of bone surgery and nursery items as well as several other kinds of medicines and drugs (10 items) which would cover the ministry's requirements only for three months, (26 items) for two months and (29 items) for only one month.

The Ministry of Health emphasized the seriousness of the current situation, calling for "honest people to stand by the patients from the Gaza Strip and to allow access to all medicines, treatments and medical supplies. We also demand to complete the treatment of the remainder of trapped patients before the situation descends into a catastrophic."

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