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Gaza's enemies come out of the woodwork

Suddenly, blood no longer holds any weight between brothers and no one affiliates with the common thread of Arabism. Talk of an Arab army’s aggression towards Gaza is normalised and portrayed as an acceptable outcome in many Arab media outlets.

In an era of Arab degradation, in which many dictators have tightened their grip, the maximum limits of the tragedy have been reached when it comes to Palestinian officials’ silence and inability to condemn the tragedy they are facing. Their inaction can be classified as an act of betrayal and active participation in the Zionist crime against Palestine and its people.

In this critical phase of the Arab Spring, which gives rise to tyrants who sow the seeds of hatred towards Palestine and Palestinian resistance in their attempts to cause incitement, the fruit of their efforts will be ugly. Tyrants will step on the bodies of the pure and destroy any positive signs in the Islamic world.

The Egyptian army is currently waging an unprecedented war with its blockade of the Gaza Strip. The media openly speaks of bringing Hamas to its knees; why? It is the only entity of the Palestinian resistance that functions outside the binds and limitations of the Israeli occupation.

All of this is being met with indifference by a wide range of the Arab public and Gaza’s enemies creep out of the woodwork. This group of malicious and corrupt people are the same individuals who invested in the epidemics plaguing the Arab word and benefited from the Arab nation’s weakened state and lack of will. They were bound to address some of their impulsive degradation towards Gaza so that they would be able to implement the same vices and grab the reins of authority. Dirt has been cast over the glimmer of hope cowering under the ashes of the revolutions.

The worst thing about all of this is the Palestinian Authority contribution to the aggression against Gaza. It claims that the consequences of such actions are positive because they are carried out by an Arab army, while the people of Gaza suffocate due to shortages of fuel, electricity and medicine. Thousands of travellers are in a log-jam at the Rafah border while the coup’s authorities in Egypt and the aggressively uncaring PA in Ramallah do not give a fig about the severe consequences of the siege.

It is unknown whether the mountain of hatred that has been placed on the Muslim world’s chest can be moved. Nor is it clear how strength and energy can be summoned once more in the light of the ruins caused by Arab villainy, which has silenced outcries against the siege. It is also unclear how events will unfold as the critical breaking point is reached and Gaza is forced to pay the ultimate price. Yet, the Palestinians in Gaza will not bow their head in submission to the machinations of the treacherous. They will not allow anyone else to dictate their future and jeopardise their right to liberty, resistance and persistence.

Do not test the bounds of Gaza’s patience and do not place bets on how long it will take to break her if the siege results in strange outcomes this time around. Do not assume that the role of the victim suits the Gaza Strip because every hand that causes harm to the Gaza Strip is more Zionist than the Zionists. These same hands once participated in two devastating wars with the Zionists and eventually had to face the harsh reality that Palestine was lost. At that time they consoled themselves by saying that Palestine will remain the cradle of resistance and rifles will be used to achieve liberation!

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