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Obama still talking about freedom of the people

At Nelson Mandela's memorial service, President Obama criticised world leaders, during his speech, who claim to support Mandela's struggle for freedom, but do not accept their citizen's opposition. Of course, he did not refer to the leaders who plotted to take away Egypt's elected president's rule. Obama forgot to mention that he had supported the coup against the democratically elected president. He forgot that he had refused to condemn the killing of the Egyptian people in Rabaa and al-Nahda squares and on the streets of Egypt. Indeed, he has not issued one word of condemnation.

America has trampled on its values and its talk of democracy, free elections and human resemble a ragged piece of cloth, worthless to even the youngest child in Egypt. America abandoned its reputation and values because it would not accept the shocking fact that the Egyptian people had chosen a civilian president with an Islamic ideology, part of the Muslim Brotherhood. So, they intervened and removed him from rule using their men. The President was abducted and America acted as though it had not seen or heard a thing.

During his first speech after he became president, I remember that the voice of Obama shook people's conscience as he talked about America's humanitarian values. I am sure that if he was still preaching today, from morning until night, his speech would mean nothing to the Egyptian people. The coup has revealed the world's hypocrisy, criminality, contempt for people's rights and oppression, as it wields its power with America playing the largest of all roles.

If Mandela was alive, he would have opposed Obama's attendance at the ceremony and would have prohibited any American's from attending because they have betrayed their principles.

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