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On the rise of the coup's initiatives

January 23, 2014 at 6:14 am

Coup leaders are at present forming political initiatives for many purposes, none of which serve the interests of the country or its glory, nor provide justice for the oppressed, nor retribution for the martyrs from their criminal murderers, nor take any move that respects the revolution of 25th January and the will of the free Egyptian people. What the initiatives do involve is the following:

First, when the coup leaders began to sense their growing weakness, that their end was drawing nearer and that they would soon lose their earnings, money and schemes, they began working to create a foothold for themselves in Egypt that would serve their purposes after the collapse of the coup by being part of the political solution between the National Alliance to support the legitimacy.

Second, they tried to keep the opponents of the coup optimistic, so that violence does not erupt from fugitive groups who cannot be controlled by any party in the coalition. This is particularly essential since the coup leaders are failing in matters of policing and security. Therefore, their main fear is the spread of violence. They have managed this by commanding thugs to commit acts of violence, which they then blame on the rebels in order to hold them responsible. Thus, they are able to mislead people into believing that security has been restored, even though the revolution continues to unfold, and they are well aware of that.

Third, as the Arab proverb says, “the devil lies in the details.” The leaders of the coup have introduced the National Alliance into multiple political initiatives to support legitimacy, involving the coalition in all the various details of the initiatives. This is an attempt by coup leaders to find a matter that members of the coalition disagree upon, so that they can meddle with and split the coalition. This is currently the most important problem facing the coup: the strength and unity of the coalition. The alliance has also developed widespread credibility among the Egyptian people, which is the reason why the coup leaders have created a large number of initiatives to divide the coalition and to create internal disagreement and differences among its members. They aim to achieve this by spreading rumours and establishing entities that attempt to undermine the leadership of the alliance in the name of the revolution.

Fourth, the coup leaders are deceiving the Egyptian people into believing that they want to engage in dialogue with their opponents. They pretend that they want to involve all Egyptian parties in political work, excluding no one, thereby reducing the sympathy of the Egyptian people for the supporters of legitimacy, hampering and relegating it.

Fifth, by directing messages to the outside of Egypt, improving the image of the country in the eyes of the American and European coloniser, the coup leaders hope to gain recognition from the west, because then it would be easier for them to deal directly with the coup without opposition from their own people who reject the coup.

Sixth, they are fooling the leaders and members of the military, who refuse to divide the Egyptian people. By excluding the patriots from the Egyptian people, and these are the majority, they are trying to preserve the loyalty of individuals and leaders who object to the kidnapping of the army, making them into mercenary gangs that kill their own people.

But finally, I must say that none these initiatives provide an opportunity to form any solution for the coup, only the return of complete legitimacy can do this. The Egyptian people themselves will then decide on the solution.

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