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The most recent fabrications of the coup-leadership

Since the bloody coup in Egypt, the country has been in an irrational state; it is all a bit unreal. Everything occurring in Egypt at the moment is farcical: the murders of innocent youth; the detention of honourable citizens; and the release of killers and corrupt individuals from prison. The most recent of these farces is the acquittal of Hosni Mubarak's sons, Gamal and Alaa, as well as Ahmed Shafik, the last prime minister in Mubarak's ousted regime and an unsuccessful presidential candidate. This happened one day after the legitimately-elected President Mohamed Morsi was ordered to stand trial in the Criminal Court on charges of conspiring with Hamas, the Palestinian resistance movement, against the Zionist occupation.

The leaders of the coup and the judges in their grip, which they are using to spearhead their battle against the Muslim Brotherhood, are making such a of mockery of the judicial system that Human Rights Watch has described the charges against Morsi as "surreal" and accused the coup leaders of wanting to eradicate the Muslim Brotherhood which poses a real opposition to their rule. Moreover, the American Secretary of Defence has also expressed his concern about this accusation, which is surreal in itself.

Indeed, what is happening in Egypt is far removed from reality. How ridiculous is it that an Arab Muslim leader is accused of conspiring with the Palestinian resistance even though the Palestinian cause is every free Arab and Muslim's cause? It is at the heart of the Arab and Muslim nations who dream of liberating Palestine from the clutches of the Zionist occupation that has seized our land. The charges against Morsi are recognised only by the Israelis because they come straight from their criminal intelligence lexicon. For such an accusation to be made against an Arab, and an Arab president at that, is truly absurd.

To cooperate with Hamas would be an honour and privilege for most Arabs; it is a disgrace for Egypt's government to join hands with the Zionists and use this laughable accusation against an Arab president. It is the coup-leaders who are guilty of conspiring with the occupation and we have the evidence to prove this.

The coup leaders appear to have lost their minds and their wisdom. They are thrashing about because their eyes are focused on the position of authority and they believe that by making such an accusation they are strengthening their ties with the Israeli occupiers, which opens the door to Washington in order for the coup to receive the ultimate blessing so that the shaky ground under their feet will steady. The opposition to the coup is shaking that ground in the universities and on the streets all over the country; the coup leaders' feeble attempts to stifle the revolution will not work, nor will Israel or America benefit them or protect them from the anger of the people. The Egyptians are determined to restore their revolution and the country which was seized before their very eyes in a despicable move by the military.

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