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Why were the Egyptians happy that their team lost?

January 24, 2014 at 1:56 am

Does history repeat itself? Where once we had the late Sheikh Muhammad Alsharawi praising Allah for the reprehensible defeat of our army in the 1967 war with the Israelis we now have millions of Egyptians praising Allah for the defeat of Egypt’s football team during a World Cup qualifier against Ghana. The 6-1 defeat was certainly heavy, and like no other, as was Egypt’s defeat in the 6 day war in 1967. There is a common factor which does not need a social expert to analyse; all we need is a thinking brain, a live conscience and an honest eye to see the whole picture.

However, it seems none of these are to be found among the coup leaders and their supporters who are oblivious to the true situation in Egypt and what is happening on the ground. When a large number of Egyptians, too many to be ignored, felt happy after our national team lost to Ghana, didn’t the coup organisers ask themselves why they felt this way towards their national team? They most likely will not bother themselves to think about it, but will claim naively, “It is out of spite so that no victories, not even in football, will be attributed to General Al-Sisi.” This, of course, is very shallow, and will not be dignified with scientific analysis.

The Egypt created by the brutal general, who seized power, divided the Egyptians, stole the state and put it in the laps of the coup organisers, is no longer the Egypt that the people know and love and would defend with their blood and souls. Nevertheless, it is now Al-Sisi’s bloody Egypt, which has killed thousands of its best people, over which the coup organisers and supporters did not shed a single tear while watching the horrendous massacre that took place in Rabaa Al-Adawiyya Square. It is the Egypt that has detained thousands of people deep within its prisons and detention centres; the coup organisers and their supporters are not moved by such blatant injustice. The voices of truth and freedom have been silenced while fear and terror prevail amongst the people of Egypt; feelings of hatred have spread, but the coup organisers and their supporters don’t flinch.

Al-Sisi’s Egypt is no longer the Egypt of love that celebrates victories, as tyranny and injustice cannot win; they are defeated in every aspect, whether militarily, as in 1967, or on the sports field. It is ironic that one of the coup leaders called the football result a catastrophe, which was what the 1967 defeat was called.

People should look to the philosopher of the defeats and noted coup supporter, writer and journalist, Mohamed Hassanein Heikal, for the reasons behind the catastrophes in 1967 and 2013; perhaps then they will be guided back to the truth, although I doubt it. However, I am certain that the truth will prevail and justice will be returned to its rightful owners thanks to the loyal people of Egypt who have gathered in the streets to continue their protests against this brutal and bloody coup and its illegitimate government. The coup organisers will eventually be forced to admit their defeat and tomorrow is just a day away. They may think that it is a long way off but, God-willing, it and the justice it will bring are near.

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