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Dealing with a terrorist state requires more than just words

January 27, 2014 at 3:02 am

By Khalid Amayreh in occupied Palestine

For many years, I have been  arguing rather constantly  that Israel is a decidedly terrorist state that differs little in character from other nefarious entities.

My views in this regard were occasionally depicted “as wild exaggerations.” Some of the naïve observers, long exposed to Zionist or Zionist-influenced media, would even  go as far as throwing the increasingly silly calumny of “anti-Semitism” in our faces,  as if whatever the Aryan Nazis did more than 65 years ago justified the murderous treatment meted out to the Palestinian people and other peoples of the Middle East  at the hands of the children, grandchildren and great grandchildren of the holocaust.

The latest shameless act of maritime gangsterism by Israel in the Eastern Mediterranean should be taken as a final  indictment of the evil entity. And there should be no argument-from now on-  about giving Israel the benefit of the doubt, given the shamelessness and utter criminality of what happened.

To be sure, this shamelessness  goes beyond  merely targeting  innocent and unarmed aid activists  carrying humanitarian materials to 1.7 million Gazans, languishing under one of history’s harshest and longest siege. Israel has been targeting innocent civilians knowingly and deliberately since its creation.

The way Israeli leaders have tried  and are trying to justify this ugly crime by spreading pornographic lies about what happened  exposes the brutal ugliness of the collective Israeli mindset.

A normal country would come to terms with the hard facts when a blunder or a mishap occurred. However, Israel is not a normal country and will never bring itself to say “Mea Culpa” no matter what it does and irrespective of the extent of the nefariousness of its crimes.

In the final analysis, we are talking about a state that is based on ethnic cleansing, mass murder and mendacity, and any acknowledgment on its part of these undisputable historical facts would signal a recognition of its utter illegitimacy.

This is why, the guards of the big lies have to be constantly on alert, to repulse truth and delegitimize its ramifications. 

Take for example, Benyamin Netanyahu, a man notorious for his ability to lie as often as he breathes oxygen.

Seeking to justify the Gaza Freedom Flotilla Carnage, the Israeli Prime Minister  claimed that the flotilla “was not love boat, but a hate boat.” Well, Netanyahu is decidedly wrong because helping people under siege  whether in Ghetto Warsaw or Ghetto Gaza is the ultimate  act of love and self-abnegation.

Needless to say, claiming otherwise spells dishonesty and underscores lack of rectitude.

Moreover, Netanyahu seems to think that  making  a few  mendacious sound-bites,  disseminated  tirelessly  by  a naïve or malicious western media, is sufficient  to exonerate Israel from any wrong doing.

In addition to the “love-boat-hate-boat” corrupt analogy,   Netanyahu has been babbling about Israel’s right to defend itself. In statements carried by the Israeli media, he said that Israel had a right to prevent “war materials” from getting into Gaza.

Well, there is no conceivable evidence showing that the flotilla was carrying war materials to the  besieged Gazans? Where is the proof? Ultimately, you can’t slaughter and shoot dozens of people traveling in international waters on the mere suspicion that  they might  be carrying “war materials” to Hamas. This is, of course, unless the Judeo-Nazis state considers milk powder, school equipment, and wheel chairs for disabled Gaza children maimed by criminal Israeli shelling, using white phosphorus and other agents of death,  as “war materials.

By the way, I am nearly completely convinced that even Netanyahu himself is convinced deep in his heart that his morbid  allusions about war materials don’t carry even an iota of veracity. The man is only lying through his teeth to make an ugly crime look less ugly.

Netanyahu may be the premier liar in Israel, but he is by no means the most virulent one. Deputy Foreign Minister Dany Ayalon combines virulent racism with evil maliciousness. He has been claiming, with  deep  frustration clear  in the tone of his voice,  that the aid participants, who hailed  from more than 50 nationalities, were actually affiliated with al-Qaeda and Hamas. In one statement, he called them terrorists.

I am not going to dignify this hogwash by commenting on it. Sometimes, a lie is so self-evident that it is unwise  to comment on it.

Interestingly, this is not going to be the last time Israel indulges in obscene lying. Without the umbrella of lies, Israel is nearly totally exposed.

However, what makes Israel  clutches to its enduring  modus operandi of lies (and criminality)  is the fact these lies have many  important  consumers around the world. Consider, for example, the White House, which remained reticent for many hours following the Flotilla massacre.

This White House of ill-repute refused to condemn the carnage fearing that doing so  would  alienate Israel- firsters in Washington, especially  AIPAC, the American  Jewish lobby that  succeeded  over the years in lowering America’s morality level to the lowest of the low.

More  to the point, the White House’s refusal to condemn Israeli murderous attack on civilian ships  in the eastern Mediterranean is in no way attributed to lack of information about what really happened.

It is rather  attributed first and foremost to lack of morality. After all, since when did the US call the spade a spade whenever  Israel was concerned? Needless to say,  a country that called Israel’s genocidal onslaught against Gaza last year,  which killed and maimed thousands of innocent people and wreaked havoc on the coastal enclave’s civilian infrastructure, “an act of self-defense,” is an evil state itself.

It is equally lamentable that most Jews around the world continue to cheer Israel’s crimes.

None the less, I believe it is useless to continue to invoke Israeli criminality. Israel is a cancer, a hopeless malignancy, which if not dealt with decisively will eradicate you.

This is why the whole world ought to make utmost efforts aimed at pacifying this hateful, treacherous and venomous snake.

And remember, this criminal entity has really nothing to do with true Judaism, the sublime message revealed by God unto Prophet Moses, May Peace be upon him. Indeed, nearly everything done by this criminal entity contradicts and violates the Ten Commandments which taught humanity “Thou shall not murder and Thou shall not lie.”

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