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The bitter reality of the military coup

January 27, 2014 at 2:43 pm

The leaders of the Egyptian army have taken Egypt back nearly a 100 years…. they have taken it back to the era of military coups, which were prevalent in the fifth and sixth decades of the last century. They gave the region’s people a taste of torture through Egypt’s Abdel Nasser, Iraq’s Saddam Hussein, Syria’s Husni Al-Za’im and Hafez al-Assad, Yemen’s Ali Saleh, Algeria’s Houari Boumediene, Libya’s Gaddafi, and Tunisia’s Ben Ali.

These military coups marked the darkest times of the region’s history, marked by oppression, imprisonment, torture, and cold-blooded and collective murders in prison. Moreover, they put the countries through military defeats, poverty, humiliation and dependency. Throughout history, the coup generals lost the region’s present and future to the western colonisation, and secretly, to the Zionists. The folded pages of history were unfolded by the revolutions and have revealed the evil, betrayal and treachery, despite the brain-washing efforts of the media which conveyed them as nationalist heroes.

Such military coups fell and tossed their leaders into the dumpsters of history, revealing their hidden actions. This ended their roles and services, and they were overthrown in various manners.

Abdel Nasser fell hard after a major defeat at the hands of the Zionists in 1967 in which he lost Sinai, which made up one-third of Egypt. Moreover, Jerusalem and the Golan Heights were lost by Hafez al-Assad and Saddam Hussein in 2003 at the hands of the Americans, who brought Saddam on the back of a tank. He sent Al-Assad to his demise, but the Western and Zionist colonisation are trying to support him in order for the Muslim Syrian people not to take over the country.

The Yemeni, Libyan, and Tunisian people overthrew their dictators, and the Egyptian people overthrew their greatest tyrant on January 25, 2011. God willing, the Egyptians will overthrow their new tyrants who sided with the immoral secular movement that claims to be democratic, when in fact it radiates terrorism and is determined to completely uproot Islam from Egypt, which is what the gang leaders impiously admit to.

The modern Western colonialism and the Zionist entity praised Egypt for electing the first Egyptian civilian president in the history of Egypt from the reign of Mina until the reign of Mubarak. The Egyptian judiciary announced its victory to the world. Meanwhile, the military council, led by the Field Marshal Tantawi, ruled Egypt but they did not give him a chance once he refused to sell-out Egypt’s decision and pawn the his country’s dignity.

He begun to make great strides towards giant projects that would make the Egyptian people masters of their own country and would solve its problems, such as the Suez Canal project, the Sinai Development Project, the self-sufficiency through wheat project, and the major national industrialization and social justice projects. No other leader in the history of Egypt dared to touch these because they were a red line for the colonists meaning real independence for the Egyptian people, putting them on the road to revival.

The elected Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi crossed those red lines and made a national decision to implement these mega-projects, which frightened all the enemies of Egypt, especially the Zionist entity. It sparked anger in the hearts of those out to harm Egypt, even if they claimed to love it. This was the coup that he rejected and is still rejected by the majority of the Egyptian people, and perhaps the squares and streets of Egypt attest to this.

It is strange that the statement of the coup was full of terms suggesting freedom, the treatment of all forces equally and other accommodating statements; the reality on the ground indicates that this coup is a plan to eradicate the Islamists. This is proven by the arrests of several Muslim Brotherhood leaders, as well as the attorney Mohamed El-Omdah and Sheikh Hazem Salah Abu Ismail, in addition to the closure, suspension, and burning of Islamic television stations and the headquarters of the Freedom and Justice Party and others.

Furthermore, dozens are killed and wounded every day by the army, police, and thugs, which is an important indicator of the violent mentality of the coup even though they continuously spoke about human rights. Therefore, if the leaders of the Egyptian army do not deal with the situation and step up to control matters and restore the legitimate president to his position, and agree on a unified program to run the country, then Egypt may face dire consequences and the Egyptian people will ultimately be the victim.

The arrests, suppression of freedom and killings in the streets will never diminish the people’s revolution, rather it will strengthen it. Moreover, military coups never built up a country, but destroyed them and never achieved any good. Instead it has dragged the region into torture, defeat, and loss.

The author is an Egyptian writer.

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