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Amnesty International's Director derides British Government for its shortsighted rush to protect ally and undermining of fight for international justice

In a letter to the editor of The Times today (18 December) the UK Director of Amnesty International, Kate Allen said the newspaper's denunciation of the arrest warrant for Tzipi Livni (leading article, Dec 16) is misplaced and to argue that Ms Livni be shielded from justice because she is from a "democracy" that is "an ally" of the UK, is to undermine the key principle of universal jurisdiction.

Allen wrote, 'Your denunciation of the How, for example, can the UK Government call for those responsible for crimes in Darfr to be brought to justice but meanwhile present a "get out of jail free" card to others it deems "friends"? Is it not this corrosive double standard that threatens the fundamental principle that justice must be at all times impartial?'

The Amnesty chief executive said, "The Times' own reportage of the conflict in Gaza and southern Israel — notably Israel's indiscriminate use of white phosphorus munitions — underlines the need for full accountability for war crimes committed during this brutal conflict."

On the British Government's attempt to influence the judicial process, Allen said in its shortsighted rush to protect an ally, the UK Government is undermining the wider fight for international justice on which millions around the world depend.



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